Now you dont need to worry about your black money. Our team did research it well and and got it done.

There are lot of loopholes in the system , we will help you with them to convert your black money to white.

1. Get All your workers,maid working for you.

Ask them to deposit small amount of black money daily in their bank accounts and get you new crispy notes of 2000/- for 50 days.

Dont forget to give them a cut. Also some employee benefits or ESOPs 😛



2. Paint your Money White

Look for Asian Paint or NEROLAC Velvet Touch and Get it done at the speed of Light.












3. Pay upto 200 % in taxes and penalties and Get your money converted to white.

Isn’t a amazing research idea. Post paying the tax you would be able to get good sleep. Else plan to burn that money.




4. Attend workshops, events at Tryst 2017 and learn, showcase your talent to the world.

You can deposit the cash amount in our official Bank account after registering here

To get the account details email us at after you register on the above link.










5. For God Sake , Donate . Bring Harmon(e)y to the poor.

Donate if you have access, ask your parents to that -they will be proud of you.

As a parent your kids would be proud to have such parents.

Go . Go . Run.


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