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Cloud Computing is biggest emerging trend in IT industry, which will change the way computing is done. There are many providers in industry today which offer various cloud services ranging from infrastructure to software. It is important to understand now what cloud computing is, why it is so promising and what impacts it will have on IT industry.

While these “clouds” are the natural evolution of traditional data centers, they are distinguished by exposing resources (computation, data, and applications) as standards-based Web services and following a “utility” pricing model where customers are charged based on their utilization of computational resources, storage, and transfer of data. They offer subscription-based access to infrastructure, platforms, and applications that are popularly referred to as IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platformas a Service), and SaaS (Software as a Service).

Date: 1st – 2nd Sept’17

Duration:  2 Days

Cost of Workshop:₹ 1200/- per student

*No refunds will be entertained

Introduction to Cloud Computing

  • What is the Cloud?
  • History of Cloud Computing

·        How Cloud Computing Works

·        Advantages & Disadvantages

·        Applications for Businesses

·        Cloud Service Providers

What makes a Cloud?

·        Storage Virtualization

·        Application Virtualization

·        Server Virtualization

·        Network Virtualization

·        Cloud Computing Architecture

·        Cloud Computing Terminology

Hands-on demonstration of Cloud Computing

·        Creating an account on the Cloud

·        Starting a server instance

·        Allocating storage and other resources

·        Deploying an application


·        Virtualization Basics

·        Objectives

·        Benefits of Virtualization

·        Emulation


Cloud Computing Service Models

·        Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)

·        Platform as a Service (PAAS)

·        Software as a Service (SAAS)

Private Clouds & Amazon Web Services

·        What is it?

·        Advantages & Disadvantages

·        Installing a Private Cloud

AWS Overview

·        Amazon S3

·        VPC

·        Cloud Front

·        Elastic Map Reduce

·        Cloudwatch

·        Cloud Formation

·        Amazon RDS

·        Amazon SQS

·        Amazon IAM

·        Amazon Route 53

·        Amazon DynamoDB

·        Amazon Storage Gateway

·        Eucalyptus

·        Open Nebula

·        Open Stack

Cloud providers and their offerings

·        Amazon

·        Microsoft

·        Google


Amazon Web Services

·        Services offered by Amazon

Hands-on Amazon

  • EC2 – Configuring a server, Launching an instance
  • S3- Allocating storage buckets
  • Creating groups, objects and bucket policies

Microsoft Windows Azure

  • Microsoft Windows Azure architecture
  • Services offered by Microsoft Azure

Hands-on on Azure

  • Creating and deploying an application on Azure
  • Migrating an existing application to Azure


Eligibility :

Participants having a valid ID card of their respective educational institutions are eligible for the workshop.

Team specifications :

Participants have to register individually.


Your interest to attend the workshop.

Certificate criterion:

Certificate of Appreciation from Techniche IIT Guwahati in association with Robonation and Robotech Labs Private Limited.

For further queries contact:

Rahul Gupta


+91 9540 93 2700