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Internet of Things is a world of physical objects connected online. If you want to dive deep into the world of IoT then this is the beginning for you. Based on Raspberry Pi Platform this workshop gives you great working knowledge on Internet of Things.


Date: TBA

Duration:  2 Days [14-16 Hours]

Venue: IIT Guwahati

Cost of Workshop:₹ 1550/- per student

*No refunds will be entertained

  1.  Understanding and Introduction to RPi
  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Pin Configuration


  1. OS Installation on SD Card
  • OS Installtion on Pi
  • Booting into CLI Desktop


  1.  Login and Network Setup
  • Enabling SSH
  • Logging in using Putty
  • Finding Pi’s IP Address
  • Connecting with Wi-Fi/ LAN/ Datacard


  1.  Using Python
  • Understanding Python
  • Coding in Python


  1. Integrating Gmail with Raspberry Pi
  • Creating a automated emailing system using Pi and Gmail.


  1. Taking Images
  • Learn how to take Images using USB Webcam and Pi


  1.  Integrating Twitter with Raspberry Pi
  • Creating a automated tweeting system
  • Posting a image on Twitter automatically


  1. Whatsapp with Pi or Controlling Home Lights from a Web Page/Mobile
  • Using Pi for Whatsapp


  • Home Automation System using Web Page or Mobile that can be controlled from anywhere.

All the content mentioned above is covered practically using the Kit provided. Every team formed is expected to have one laptop.

Raspberry Pi Kit Will be distributed in groups to cover the practicals during the workshop. The Kit is not takeaway. However if anyone wants to buy the kit then the Kit can be purchased separately on the spot.

Free Kit includes The Study Material and Software Development Kit in Soft Format.



Eligibility :

Participants having a valid ID card of their respective educational institutions are eligible for the workshop.

Team specifications  :

It is individual participation workshop.

Prerequisites :

Each participant should bring one laptop.

Certificate criterion :

Certificate of Appreciation from Techniche IIT Guwahati in association with Robonation and Robotech Labs Private Limited.

For further queries contact:

Rahul Gupta


+91 9540 93 2700