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Mobile Robotics Workshop is designed targeting students of all branches, the workshop is beneficial for both beginner or intermediate Robocist .

This workshop aims at students wanting to introduce themselves to the field of robotics & AI and how it is implemented in real life, This workshop teaches you the fundamentals of designing and building autonomous robots by integration with a microcontroller. It also focuses on conceptualization and designing of complex systems and will help clear concepts related to embedded systems, artificial intelligence and automation.

Date: TBA

Duration:  2 Days [14-16 Hours ]

Venue: TBA

Cost of Workshop:₹ 1550/- per student

*No refunds will be entertained

  1.    Introduction to Robotics
  • Brief history
  • Existing robotics applications and types of robots
  • Robotics as a field and its constituents
  • Overview of the events organized in Colleges like IITD, NSIT.

In this session basic idea of robots and robotics is made clear. Participants are introduced to process of building machine/robots .

  1. Micro-Controllers and its Programming
  • Micro-Controllers and its architecture
  • Features of a microcontroller
  • Programming a Microcontrollers


     2. Software and Programming

  • Know the software
  • Software Installation
  • Introduction to Embedded C
  • Programming your Robot


     3. Sensors and its Interfacing

  • Discussing about different Sensors
  • Introduction to IR Sensors
  • Interfacing different Sensors
  • Writing Program with IR Sensor


     4. Motor Control

  • H –Bridge
  • Motor Control


     5. DTMF Technology

  • DTMF Technology
  • Interfacing DTMF IC To uC.
  • Making a Mobile Controlled Robot


Practicals Covered

  1. Mobile Controlled Robot
  2. Line Follower
  3. Obstacle Avoider
  4. Wall Follower
  5. Edge Avoider


Kit Content


Part Quantity
AVR  Based Microcontroller board One
Wheels Two
Castor Wheels One
Chassis (Robot Body) Four Parts
DC Motors Two
Software  and Study Content One
Connecting Cables One Bunch
Nuts and Bolts One Packet
Screw Driver One
Battery (9V) Self
IR Sensors Two
Atmega 8 One
Motor Driver IC One
7805 One
LM324 Two
Motor Driver Board One


* Free Take-away Kit in a group of 4-5 Members


Eligibility :

Participants having a valid ID card of their respective educational institutions are eligible for the workshop.

Team specifications :

Participants have to register individually or in group of 4-5 members.

For individuals or team of 2 or 3 groups will be formed on the spot.


Your interest to attend the workshop.

Certificate criterion:

Certificate of Appreciation from Tryst IIT Guwahati in association with Robonation and Robotech Labs Private Limited.

For further queries contact:

Rahul Gupta


+91 9540 93 2700