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The name itself doesn’t need much introduction. Sixth Sense Technology is a revolutionary way to aggrandize the physical world around us and let’s the user to use natural hand gestures to interact with digital information. It involves almost all sections of modern technology.

The workshop is a secure platform for students to enter into the field of robotics and work on image processing. It helps the students to learn all the basics and apply them in reality. The workshop helps the students to fight all the competitions related to robotics, Image processing, Aerial Robotics etc.

Date: 17-18th March 2018

Duration:  2 Days

Venue: IIT Bombay

Cost of Workshop: ₹ 2500/- per student(with kit),  ₹ 5000/- per Team with maximum 4 students(with kit)

*No refunds will be entertained

1. Introduction To Computer Vision

The journey in to vision robotics will start from basic discussion on vision sensors and different cameras available. We will explore the application of vision in robotics and mechatronic systems.

2. Digital Image Processing In MATLAB

We will start from the basics of Matlab and after that only we will explore the Image Acquisition and Image Processing toolboxes.
Image Acquisition and Processing: Here we will discuss the data structure of image acquired. The understanding for Pixels, color spaces, vector indexing and matrix indexing will be developed in this module.

3. Image Manipulation

We will deal with Adjusting image intensity, Image histogram equalization , Using arithmetic functions to enhance images, Thresh holding, Edge Detection, Template matching, Distinguishing colors, Shape Detection, frequency domain filtering and convolution.

4. Video Acquisition And Manipulation

Using the video to process it and use it for Robot Control.

5. Microcontroller Programming and Machine Control
  • Introduction to Microcontrollers
  • Programming of Microcontroller
  • Motor Control
  • UART
  • Interface uC with Computer

6. Final Integration

  • Understand the MATLAB Output and Coding in MATLAB
  • Microcontroller Programming
  • Interfacing uC with Computer and Reading the Processed Data from MATLAB
  • Final Testing

Practicals Covered


  • Computer Controlled Robot
  • Ball Following Robot
  • Mouse Pointer Control
  • Change a PowerPoint Presentation with your hands
  • Control Media Player with Hand Movements.

Kit Content

The kit includes

Part Quantity
AVR  Based Microcontroller board One
Wheels Two
Castor Wheels One
Chassis (Robot Body) Four Parts
DC Motors Two
Software  and Study Content One
Connecting Cables One Bunch
Nuts and Bolts One Packet
Screw Driver One
Battery (9V) Self
Motor Driver IC One
Motor Driver Board One
LM324 Two
7805 One

 * Free Take-away Kit if registered in a group of 4-5 students


Eligibility :

Anyone with interest in Robotics can attend this workshop.

Participants having a valid ID card of their respective educational institutions are eligible for the workshop.

Team specifications  :

Anyone can attend – For individuals groups will be formed during workshop.

Those who come in groups can attend with their group.

Prerequisites :

Each participant should bring one laptop with CD-ROM drive and a working laptop Webcam preferably with Windows 8 OS or earlier (No VISTA).

Certificate criterion :

Certificate of Appreciation from Techniche IIT Guwahati in association with Robonation and Robotech Labs Private Limited.

For further queries contact:

Rahul Gupta


+91 9540 93 2700